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I am 19 years old and go by the pronouns she/her. I live in Texas and am currently a collage student and full time employ. I enjoy reading, music, T.V, hanging with friends, and family for the most part. I feel like I cannot ever be myself and in a way by not giving my full identity on here gives me enough comfort to be me.
When on social media everyone's lives seem picture perfect and my favorite influencers are the ones who seem like they are actually human. My goal is to create a platform where I can share all my trial and tribulations and put it all out there. I also hope you become comfortable enough to ask questions that people normally deem rude or inappropriate and also starting your own discussions. Hopeful this blog helps you take a step forward in not putting yourself on hold. Also feel free to email me at any time, and maybe I will eventually get another social media platform up as another option for communication.

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