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My "For Me" List

  • Read two books from beginning to end in one day (each has their own day)

  • Color my hair

  • Deep clean everything

  • Eat for my body for a month

  • Cook at home at least five times a week, but shoot for six

  • Work out once a day

  • Go one spontaneous road trip, even if short

  • Work on self-love

  • Tell people I love them more

  • Step outside my comfort zone

  • Keep my apartment picked up for a month

  • Put more effort into my education

  • Get tattoos

  • Learn to let go of things holding me back

  • Journal daily

  • Learn new skill

  • Find myself

  • Photoshoot at the lake

  • Finish diamond art

  • Once a week get coffee and chill

  • More random acts of kindness

  • Take car through car wash once a month

  • Put more of my check into savings

  • More water

  • Treat myself accordingly, no overspending

  • Stick up for myself

  • Flowers

  • Create new playlist

  • Lean it is okay to have hard days

  • Live like there is no tomorrow and no one is watching

  • Try fun workout classes

  • Take grandparents out for lunch

  • Surround myself with positivity

  • Try going greener

  • Clean out phone

  • Take life in and enjoy EVERY second

  • Improve relationship with religion

  • Stretch every morning and night

  • Put phone up one hour before bed

  • Grow

  • Listen to my body

  • Learn where I come from

  • Stop cursing so much

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