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What Do You Want With Yourself?

In order to create a list of things you want to accomplish or experience you must first think about how you see your self in the future, it does not matter how near or far. If this past year has taught me anything it is that everything that we consider our "normal" can be changed in an instant. So why do we keep putting ourselves on hold, thinking we have all the time in the world.

What made me really think about it and actually create a list is a video on TikTok posted by @itsryannnicole. The gist of the video was creating a list of what I would do if... and in the video the example way if I loved my body. The next step was she listed everything she would do if she loved her body and set out to do every one of the things she listed. There was also a time limit so what she listed as one is what she did on the first day and what was listed as two was done on the second day and the pattern continued until everything was checked off the list. So I took this idea, but changed it into something I felt like I would passably complete.

The main reason I tweaked it a little was I knew if I put a day by day limit on it, I more than likely would not do it. Also instead of choosing one thing to focus on I just put everything I felt like I was putting on the back burner for one reason or another. One I had a vague idea of the direction to go in I started to write down whatever came to mind when I thought about what I wanted to do, experience, or feel. I titled the list Me because it is all about me and not about what I think others will think. What compelled me to even make the list is I feel like my life is a repeat every day, even though it is not exactly the same. I needed something to hold myself accountable in putting myself first even if it is only occasionally.

If you want to embark on this journey with me here is what I suggest doing in order to start. I would first and foremost make a list of any kind. It could be like the one for the TikTok I mention where you focus on one aspect of your like at a time. Like mine where you tackle everything in one group. You could even do it a different way that might work better for you. It does not matter how you go about it if you even want to, but if you do, I think I would be helpful to have it written down somewhere. You can add to the list or take away as time changes and your sights change or if you complete it. Whatever it is, it is for you whether it be to find yourself, figure out what you want in life, be happy again or for the first time, etc... I wish you luck if you choose to take on the adventure and I hope you get out of it what you want.

I will be posting my list and ideas/inspiration in a different post to keep it separate from everything. Furthermore, I will be changing it as I go or if I fell something does not apply anymore.

Lots of Love

-Midnight Whisper

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